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Community Outreach Programs

Employee Massage Day

employee-massageOur “Employee Massage Day” is a community outreach program that is provided FREE to your company or event by DuPage Healthcare Ltd.. v

We all know that unchecked stress, both mental and physical, cause countless health problems. That is why it is our mission to help people in our community live happier and healthier lives. Whether you have a 5 employee office or a 500 person event, we are able to confidently accommodate your needs. Our massage program is an excellent way to show appreciation for your employees, we do all the work, and you get all the credit!

Our team of certified massage therapists will provide on-site “stress relief” chair massage for your employees. We will take care of the entire process while you sit back and take credit for giving your staff an amazing perk.


The GO! Program

Go! ProgramThe ‘GO!’ outreach initiative is a wellness driven education, inspiration, and action program. GO! delivers simple, effective, and affordable solutions to create amazing health for your organization. This program is delivered to 3 key community audiences including business, education, and the service world. We also speak to sports teams and groups including your very own circle of friends!

The GO! program sets you up for success by delivering something valuable. relevant and exciting for everyone. This sends a message to your team that you care to give them the very best.

Every talk provides actionable steps to empower your team to overcome health obstacles and learn to embrace happiness in work and everyday life.

Most Requested Topics

  • Stress Management
  • Workplace Posture
  • Immune System Health
  • Our Weight Loss Program
  • Nutrition

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