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Massage Therapy in Glen Ellyn

Massage therapist massaging a patient.We all need to find time to relax despite busy schedules and hectic lives. An incredible way to destress, release toxicity and melt away tension is available to you at DuPage Healthcare Ltd. with massage therapy. You’ll feel an improvement in your mental state, too, making it a great benefit to you in mind and body.

A Complement to Your Healing

Massage therapy can be effective for conditions such as headaches, poor posture and numbness or tingling in the arms, legs and back. You can experience advantages including

  • Better digestion
  • Decreased scar tissue
  • Enhanced lymphatic systems
  • Improved recovering from injury
  • Less stress

Our experienced massage therapists are well-versed in many techniques, from Swedish massage to deep tissue. Dr. Pepping can even communicate with them about your needs and have them report their findings to further assist in your care. Since the cause of a dysfunctional muscle is often a problem with the nerve, massage therapy is a remarkable complement to your chiropractic care.

Join the Massage Club

Patients who join our massage club can receive discounted services. A ½ hour massage session usually costs $45, but club members receive it for $35. You must receive at least one per month and can choose to have as many as you want at that price.

Contact us today to learn more or book your appointment! We offer late hours for your convenience.

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