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Meet the Team at DuPage Healthcare Ltd.



Exercise Coordinator and Community Outreach

Crystal oversees all the activities that take place in our rehabilitation department. Whether you’re in a corrective or wellness phase of care, she is the one behind every personalized exercise plan. She is dedicated in making sure that each patient’s needs are met and that their goals are obtainable.

Learning the goals of each patient that joins our clinic’s family and knowing that she played a part in helping them grow into visibly happier and healthier versions of themselves capable of achieving those goals is Crystal’s favorite part about working at DuPage Healthcare Ltd..

She is passionate about making sure every patient is given the attention and encouragement they need.

She also runs our Metabolic Weight Loss programs. A successful weight loss candidate herself, she a great mentor as you begin this journey.

As our Community Outreach Coordinator, she creates partnerships with local businesses, school, and organizations to increase the awareness of health and wellness in our lives. With our “Dr. Sally Speaks” corporate wellness talks program and employee mini massage days we are able to educate our community on ways to prevent disease and injury, improve health, and enhance quality of life.




Front Desk Assistant

Jen is the friendly face that greets and assists all off of our patients at the front desk as they walk through the door.

Her calm nature will quickly make you feel welcomed and at home.

Jen loves getting to know each patients and learning about their different lifestyles. She loves being a part of a team that shares the same passions as she does for helping others live pain-free without surgery and medications.

She has a long history of providing holistic care to others. From working as an out reach assistant promoting the benefits of chiropractic to her 8 years as a massage therapist.

Jen loves all activities that allow her to be outdoors. Especially gardening and hiking. She has a special love for all animals, loves to cook, but her true passion is spending time with her 3 beautiful girls.


Heather - Billing Specialist

Billing Specialist

Heather is our billing specialist. It’s called a specialist for a reason. She has a unique talent in unscrambling the difficult language of billing and insurance and re-citing it in a way that anyone can understand.

If you want to put a smile on Heather’s face, just ask her about her 2 beautiful children.

She has been helping people in the healthcare industry since 2007.

Heather loves to be outside in nature, going for walks, and spending time with her 2 children, and fur babies.




Massage Therapist

If experience defines the quality of your work, then Eduard has well surpassed that prerequisite. Eduard lives and breathes the essence of body work. He understands and is an example of body, mind, and spirit. He truly has healing hands and a keen ability to know exactly where your dysfunction begins.

His 20 years in the field of massage therapy has gained him valuable insight on what a patient needs and what areas of the body need to be addressed. He is a master in finding the areas that you never knew were involved.

His aim is to improve alignment and function by creating overall ease and balance throughout the entire body. As a structure becomes more organized, chronic strain patterns are alleviated, and pain and stress decreases.

When not practicing his first love of body work, he enjoys playing the guitar, exercising, and reading anything that will expand his knowledge of the human body.

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